Some time ago, I was born in Columbus, Ohio. I've moved around a bit since starting college - locations include Indiana, Michigan, and New York along with a two-year stint in Oxford, UK. I currently reside in snowy Rochester, New York where I'm pursuing a Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Rochester.

I love to think about things, especially those topics which are central to the human experience. My professional interests focus primarily on epistemological and metaphysical questions. While at Oxford I spent a year wondering what you should do when you discover that a friend of yours, one you think is just as smart and talented as yourself, thinks you're wrong about some matter of import (like religion). I continue to think about this sort of disagreement and this has led me to investigate the nature of knowledge, evidence, justification, rationality, and related epistemological concepts. I started thinking about some metaphysical issues after I got hooked on the work of the philosopher David Lewis. Since then I've been thinking about ontology, fundamentality, methodology, and a bit about physicalism.

Recently, I've been exploring the digital humanities as an Andrew W. Mellon Fellow in the Digital Humanities. This two-year, interdisciplinary fellowship brings together doctoral students at the University of Rochester to explore the way that digital methods and tools can aid in the pursuit of humanisitic research.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site. I'll try to keep it interesting with regular blog posts on various matters along with some research papers now and again.

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