I'm a philosopher currently living in Honolulu, Hawai‘i. My institutional home is the University of Rochester where I am in the final stages of a PhD in Philosophy.

My research centers on questions concerning our ultimate epistemic commitments, the social aspect of epistemic rationality, and the overlap of these issues with moral and pragmatic concerns. These questions have their roots in my early interest in the epistemology of disagreement, especially disagreement over religion, politics, ethics, and similarly sticky subjects. My dissertation addresses these issues directly, focusing on ideologies and their epistemic properties.

Early in my graduate education I was introduced metaphysics via the work of David Lewis. Since then I've developed a side interest in questions about ontology, fundamentality, methodology, and realism.

For two years I had the privilege of being an Andrew W. Mellon Fellow in the Digital Humanities. This interdisciplinary fellowship brings together humanities doctoral students at the University of Rochester to explore the digital humanities and develop digital research skills.

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