For two years, starting in the summer of 2015, I had the privilege of being an Andrew W. Mellon Graduate Fellow in the Digital Humanities. The fellowship recruited graduate students from humanities disciplines with an interest in exploring the digital humanities.

My time as a fellow was immensely educational. It gave me a taste for inter-disciplinary work, trained me in a variety of digital methods, and generally broadened my horizons. I've come to think digital tools are underutilized in philosophy (with a few notable exceptions). In the future, I am interested in exploring how this underutilization might be remedied.

As a Mellon Fellow, I worked on a couple of digital humanities projects and served as teaching assistant for courses in Digital Media Studies (the undergraduate major for those with digital humanities interests). I helped organize a variety of events which were hosted by the Fellows. Additionally, I spent each week with the other Fellows, picking apart DH readings related or planning details for the aforementioned events. Together, we also were trained in a variety of digital tools and methods.

This portfolio is intended to be a showcase of some of my work during the Fellowship. For a more encompassing picture of what "the Mellons" are all about, check out the website here.

Research Projects


Personal Projects