At the University of Rochester, undergraduates interested in the Digital Humanities have the option of majoring in Digital Media Studies. During the Fall of 2015, I had the privilege of working alongside Prof. A. Joan Saab for a section of DMS 101 - Introduction to Digital Media Studies.

The semester was divided into two portions. The first focused on historical and theoretical background for students interested in Digital Media/DH. The second portion comprised an in-depth group project wherein students produced a digital project.

My role was largely that of support. I helped with grading and would participate in classroom discussion. As students began to formulate their ideas for their larger project, I consulted with student groups on the feasibility of ideas, directing them to additional resources as needed.

Additionally, I led classroom discussion on the topic of database and narrative. The conversation centered around themes from Lev Manovich's work "Database as Symbolic Form".

Student response the material was overall very positive. These digital natives were often quite keen to engage with further thinking about the digital tools, objects, and methods which they employ regularly. When it came time for student projects, the ideas generated by the students were remarkable.

Skills and Experience:

  • Leading classroom discussion.
  • Coordinating and supporting work of student groups.
  • Collaborating with other educators to build a diverse, multifaceted classroom experience.